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I want to make this picture transparent but I just don’t have the energy to pull up Gimp to edit it….. I should go and eat something I guess all I’ve had are Sour Patch Kids since I woke up at 7AM

Lisa is so fuckin perfect I love her so much and I can’t believe so many people missed the point and message that her character was trying to bring out. Lisa gave Nine and Twelve something they haven’t had in all of their 17 years of life. Normalcy, Reason, Care/Affection, the feeling of being needed and worth while to someone other than each other. Those are all very important things that Nine and Twelve were more than likely sure they were going to die without. But in the end they actually got it. They died knowing that they meant something to someone. That they were a very important part of someone else’s life in a positive way. They weren’t terrorists, a fleeting memory, or twisted versions of heroes. They were friends and they were loved. At least one person would remember them as how they could have been if not for the institution. How is that not important?

I can’t help but imagine Lisa setting up the posts with Nine and Twelve’s number on them by herself. Like Shibazaki is there with her but she refuses to get any help while doing this. At the end of the day she’s in pain both emotionally and physically. She’s hella tired, has cuts and scrapes on her hands and arms, cried a lot but she finally did one last thing for them and that’s all that matters.

Lisa constantly waking up in the middle of the night to check on Nine and Twelve just to remind herself that they are there safe, alive, and breathing. That they haven’t randomly got up in the middle of the night and left her alone or died in their sleep. One night she gets caught by them so they all sleep in the same bed holding onto and comforting one another until they fall asleep again feeling safe and loved

Shibazaki comforting one of (or all of) Sphinx Trio after a nightmare like a good father would. He makes them a hot drink and talks with them till they feel better enough to go to bed


are people seriously gonna say Lisa is a “love interest character” and nothing more when there’s literally nothing overtly romantic about her relationship with Twelve and they’re going to call her “useless” when her presence was so important to the development of both Twelve and Nine, and the relationship between them? really? really?

AU where Noiz is a delinquent not interested in Rhyme but just normal gangs and is constantly following Mink around bugging him to let him join his gang and Mink is all “No go drink a juice box or something kid” but Noiz refuses to let up and even goes as far as sleeping outside of their main base. So Mink is forced to carry the nerd inside so he doesn’t get hurt

Nine being totally calm and rather expressionless while being affectionate tho. Like he walks into the kitchen and with a neutral look on his face then kisses Twelve on the mouth in greeting. While drinking coffee and reading he grabs Lisa’s hand and just holds it sometimes rubbing the back of her hand. Randomly slumping against Twelve or Lisa and wrapping his arms around their waists and resting against them

Sometimes I just have to cry at the thought of all the potential kissing I’m missing out on

He’s still a kitten……