I’m really hungry I’ve only eaten once and then I fell asleep only to wake up much too late to prepare food….. I’ve been laying here for like 7 hours….

This dude has a baby face and hella wicked muscles now I can’t stop laughing

There’s this SNK ship getting slammed pretty badly and it’s really stupid because people can ship what they want.

I don’t even watch SNK but I saw some pictures of this ship and was like “What an aesthetically pleasing ship I’ll go check it’s tag! …………… Wow look at all this hate!”

They also tagged Stridercest to and a few other cest parings. Which means they are targeting similar ships

What dicks

Stumbled upon a blog called Asian Muscle Fetish and I’m going to cry because my first thought was “Oh! Kou would totes follow this blog!” and god I’m that fuckin deep into this show I’m thinking of the characters as if we’re friends


so, that was the first thing which crossed my mind when I was finishing ‘Free!’. Makoto would be the cutest shifter EVER. 


lovelytitania replied to your post: lovelytitania replied to your post: Like I try to…

 We need to skype chat soon, yes!! Last week was kind of hectic. All I could do at the end of the day was lay down on the matress and die for 8 hours. Sooooooon

I know what you mean! Like I’m just always tired now and it sucks. I want nothing more than to not have to deal with school ever again. Soon we shall converse once again 


Bikini Bottom just got real..

Still very angry about that post where the guy pushed a babies face into her birthday cake

Like that’s the type of shit I hate. It wasn’t funny nor was it a harmless prank. If you ever do something like that and I’m around I’m taking the knife that would have been used to cut the cake and shoving it up your ass.



This video promoting a classical music festival is probably the most important thing you’ll watch today

I bet the choreographer had fun with this.

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 Woow but why, like it’s so cool and fun playing along with kiddies (the only bad part is that they never get tired of running haha). Try asking him why he got so upset? Hopefully he’s got a good reason.

I wish I knew…  I think I asked him but his reasoning must have been terrible cause I can not for the life of me recall what he said. If I actually did ask that is…… Oh man I know! Kids are just great. Like we watched some TMNT episodes and suddenly I’m a foot solider who’s main goal is to capture the newest edition to the turtle team. Tickle torture was involved. Very intense.