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*Gets the full SSB4 Game*


*Plays as Villager on a different battlefield*

I have 3 hours till this store closes and none of the people that were supposed to stop buy have and I’m so pissed right now cause I could have done this shit hours ago but these assholes are ruining everything


I need to walk to this Gamestop but the landlord and package are supposed to come today like what the fuck???? I just want to go to this fuckin store ugh

ezzydeanがあなたの投稿に返信しました:Oh my gosh I really love Tanaka Ryūnosuke…. He’s…

I have potential Senpai competition?

Waaahh! image No! You’re my Senpai and my only Senpai! 


Hmmmm the INTJ list changed and Tobio got replaced with Kei on the list….. I wonder why cause INTJ is perfect for Tobio but I guess it works for Kei to??? I don’t know why both can’t be on the list….

Oh my gosh I really love Tanaka Ryūnosuke…. He’s just too precious for this world…. From the moment I saw that ridiculous “intimidating” face he put on I was so smitten! UGH what a precious dude I want to kiss his dumb face a bunch.


quick doodle before sleep zZ good night!