It’s so weird being able to actually read Hiragana….. Like I can now look at characters and read them without trouble

I can’t even remember now what it was like when they didn’t make sense…. This is making me feel some type of way….

My creative flow is so fucked right now….. I can’t even doodle let alone write fanfiction

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Rin moves to the appartment in front of mako, with bby brother Rei who's about 4 and bby Gou who's really a baby or about 2 and Mako knocks one night and little Rei answers and just stares until Rin comes, scoops him up and thats it they are gone


OK so I just have a lot of feels for these kind of AUs.

Like here I picture Mako & Rin are, you know, 19-20ish.  Old enough to be on their own but still pretty young.  And Mako’s out there and he’s just starting to live his life.  Be an adult.  Pay bills.  All that stuff.  Right?

And then he meets Rin.  Rin whose parents had him when they were crazy young.  Rin who has a brother and sister over 15 years younger than him so he barely knows them (he was practically an adult when they were born after all.)  Rin who is suddenly raising his brother and sister after their parents died in an accident of some kind.  (Or was it an accident? Dun dun dun….)

He stops by because he got some of their mail by accident and he figured he’d be nice and just drop it off.  When Rei answers the door he’s confused because he didn’t realize any families moved in.  Most families with a child that young are louder and he hadn’t heard a peep out of the apartment.  He only knew it was occupied now because of name on the mailbox.

Little Rei is just staring at him because he is so huge in Rei’s mind.  Tall, long arms, big hands, wide shoulders.  Rin just kind of freezes in the doorway from the bedroom with Gou on his hip and stares at Mako.  When Mako looks up at him he finally shakes loose from whatever daydream he had gotten stuck in and hurries to the door.  He takes the mail with a polite smile, thanks Mako for bringing it and scoops Rei up onto his other hip and easily closes the door with his foot.

He has too much going on right now to be getting caught up in daydreams about his new neighbor.  No matter how much a weakness he has always had for green eyes and wide shoulders.


Whose that pokemon?

Last night on club tortimer I typed out everything that happened in the new Adventure Time episodes for a girl there

I’m not saying that I hated it I was more than happy to tell her but wow I hate word limit even more now


Rose Embroidery Dress


Tom Hiddleston gets prepped to film scenes for ‘Crimson Peak’ in Toronto on April 22, 2014 [HQ]

fauna the mori girl

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