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Mink offers tutoring sessions for other students who need help and Koujaku is his extremely reluctant student that will do anything to pass this class even if it means getting help from the guy who punched him in the face once

How am I sleepy when I literally just took a 3 hour nap not too long ago????

I’m filled with rage, gay thoughts, and crunchwrap supremes from Taco Bell

Lisa is the daughter of a very prestigious family that has a lot of threats to deal with and Twelve becomes Lisa’s personal bodyguard who was actually employed by a previous client to infiltrate their home and carry out a threat against Lisa’s life but Twelve quickly realizes that there’s no way he could do it after bonding with Lisa

AU where Five gets in trouble with the law and has to do community service so she ends up as park worker with volunteer!Lisa who shows her the ropes of the job and Lisa charms Five with her endearing personality but refuses to believe she’s fallen for such a dork

Anon asking for Five/Lisa is it okay if I do a gang member AU??? Cause I think Gang leader!Five taking an interest in Lisa who just really wants to get home is adorable

AU where Demon!Twelve encounters Angel!Lisa and plays pranks on her to try and cause trouble but she’s already a clumsy angel so none of his pranks work on her. So instead he just hangs around pestering her while she’s trying to work and the two are now the main gossip of heaven and hell

What’s the point in Thursday if there’s no Zankyou no Terror episode????

The only fic requests I have left is the one with Lisa/Five and that MinKou thing I’m still working on slowly but surely


Well technically he wasn’t even supposed to be there and he’s disobeying direct orders from the superintendent which is a very high offence.

Plus I don’t think he has the power to do so??? He’s only a detective and orders from the top said not to intervene which leads me to think that Five and the superintendent are in cahoots